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Quba Azerbaijan
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As a five-star hotel, Rixos Quba Azerbaijan is situated at an ideal spot for your accommodation in Quba. The golf court, Quba Planet Entertainment Park, Rixos SPA Centre proudly offer ski opportunities to the guests. Situated in 201 km distance from International Airport of Baku Haydar Aliyev, the hotel is elegantly decorated for meetings and conferences. In addition, it provides VIP services, private transfer and taxi services for the guests. There are many touristic and historical venues that you need to discover during your stay at Rixos Quba Azerbaijan.


Rixos Quba Azerbaijan is a luxurious and convenient meeting address and is only 7 km distance from the centre of Quba. Quba is an enticing destination situated on the skirts of Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan. Famous for unique carpets and apple gardens, unprecedented landscapes of Quba are waiting for you to discover them. You should not miss it out if you are looking for a holiday experience embedded in snowy hills, mountains eligible for skiing on the nature. You can discover the Emerald Forest, and take a deep breath of the fresh air.

Shahdag Ski Centre

Shahdag Ski Centre, which is one of the largest ski centres in Caucasia, is in 43 km distance from Rixos Quba Azerbaijan. As a popular destination for winter sports and ski enthusiasts, the facility is established on Caucasus Mountains and there are many venues to be discovered during your stay at Rixos Quba Azerbaijan. Quba should be on your do-to-list if you want to ski!


You can go to see Baku, the capital to Azerbaijan during your stay at Rixos Quba Azerbaijan. Baku city centre is in 171 km distance from Rixos Quba. You can discover the magnificent landscape of Baku Boulevard; sightsee in the historical streets of the ancient city of Baku. In addition, you are most welcome to discover delicious local culinary tastes specific to Azerbaijan at different restaurants in the city, go to see Crystal Hall, Museum of Nizami and Maiden Castle. National literature Museum of Azerbaijan and State Museum of Carpets are also interesting for history enthusiasts. It is a must-see city for its historical tissue and modern structures. Remember to add Baku to your itinerary where its magnificent architecture embraces a modern history.


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